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radhe maa resorting to paid news says arshi khan

Radhe Maa & Associates resorting to “paid news”, bribing, threatening media persons, alleges Arshi Khan

IndiaNewsNetwork.IN Bureau | 4th Oct 2015: Alleging that Radhe Maa and her associates are resorting to “paid news” to distort public opinion, firebrand model and actress Arshi Khan has shot another blazing arrow in the direction of Borivli’s Radhe Maa Bhavan.

Arshi Khan told news agency IndiaNewsNetwork.IN in an exclusive interview on Sunday, that Radhe Maa’s ‘business managers’ are “paying media persons and journalists” to run positive news about her or not to publish negative news. “Several journalist friends have told me that they are under severe pressure from Sanjiv Gupta of Global Advertisers to only carry positive news about Radhe Maa and to cut out negative news. Those journalists, TV channels and publications who do not fall for the carrot method are shown the stick – legal notices are sent to them,” Arshi Khan said, adding that she has learnt that two prominent TV channel Bureau Chiefs in Mumbai were paid Rs 2 lakh each recently by Sanjiv Gupta of Global Advertisers. “They have at least 10 media persons on their payroll today. This includes print and Tv journalists as well. Radhe Maa has hired two PR professionals to handle her media work and these two persons are actively approaching journalists to publish positive articles on Radhe Maa.


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“Even the front page article published in Mid-day is ‘paid news’. They are using the medianet or ‘paid news’ option to get their news published,” Arshi Khan said adding that a reputed and much-loved news paper like Mid-day should not have fallen for this “paid news” ploy of the Gupta clan to create sympathy for Radhe Maa. “We love Mid-day. I have been a subscriber for the last 3 years since I came to Mumbai. Yet, I was deeply pained when I saw the story run by Mid-day recently titled “when the police called me, I thought of committing suicide’ and “all I have is Rs 2 crore’. It is quite obvious that the entire article is a PR write-up and reads like a press release. Mid-day made no attempt to contact the other people quoted in the story. The Mid-day “paid news” article has mentioned Dolly Bindra and myself, but not a single quote was run by the paper from either of us. Why? asked Arshi Khan. It seems Mid-day published a press release ditto as given to them by Sanjiv Gupta,” Arshi Khan alleged.

One of these PR agents who was earlier with a local TV channel and now claims to be a bhakt or devotee of Radhe Maa had earlier approached Shri Ramesh Joshi of Dharma Rakshak Mahamanch. The PR agent tried to convince Joshi not to ‘attack’ Radhe Maa. Similar such subtle overtures were made to many other people Arshi Khan has claimed.

paid news by Radhe Maa says Arshi Khan

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