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Radhe Maa has amassed Rs 200 Cr of illegal wealth by running a sex racket, alleges model Arshi Khan

IndiaNewsNetwork.IN Bureau | 8th Sept 2015: Reacting to a demand of a CBI inquiry by the Bharat Citizens Action Forum (BCAF) against the nefarious and criminal activities of self-styled god woman Radha Maa and her cronies, Bollywood actress Arshi Khan said, “Radhe Maa is a “dhongi bhabhi. She is running a sex racket in the garb of organising ‘chowkis’ and ‘satsangs’. She has got halos photo shopped around her head and made huge life size posters, to fool unsuspecting believers.” Arshi Khan said, she supports the BCAF demand for a CBI inquiry as Radhe Maa and her team have ‘conned’ many innocent victims.

Arshi Khan said. “Yes I was approached by one of Radhe Maa’s male associates to have sex with him. He claimed that I would get a special blessing from Radhe Maa, as well as he would ensure that I got some good financial remuneration for the act. He also promised me a role in a Bollywood film,” Arshi Khan alleged. IndyaWire.com has refrained from mentioning the name of Radhe Maa’s male associate, but the concerned person is a well-known businessman in Mumbai.

Meanwhile, social organization Bharat Citizens Action Forum or BCAF’s spokes person Madhuri Yadav speaking to media persons in Mumbai on Tuesday has demanded a CBI inquiry into the ill-gotten wealth of controversial god woman Radhe Maa alias Sukhwinder Kaur.

According to Madhuri Yadav, Radhe Maa alias Sukhwinder Kaur was being supported and funded by a couple of Mumbai-based business men who “promoted” her as a powerful god woman who had various supernatural powers. “Radhe Maa and her cronies have amassed ill-gotten wealth, assets and property of over Rs 200 crore over the last 4-5 years, all obtained through illegal, unfair and criminal means,” Yadav said. Their activities include extortion, blackmail, money laundering and other crimes including criminal intimidation (under the guise of giving advice). Radhe Maa was only a facade or front. The real operators were some business people who were pulling the strings or handling all the “financial transactions” and were the real operators who manipulated her through remote control. A few powerful ruling-party politicians are also involved, Yadav alleged.

The self-styled god woman Radhe Maa alias Sukhwinder Kaur is facing allegations ranging from obscenity to harassment of devotees as well as crimes under the Domestic Violence and Dowry Act.

“Bharat Citizens Action Forum (BCAF) has demanded a CBI enquiry into the fraudulent and criminal activities of this god woman, her immediate supporters and associates as her activities and network are spread over several states and could also have international connections, ” Madhuri Yadav told news portal IndyaWire.com in Mumbai, adding that the BCAF is conducting a citizen’s inquiry into her various activities.

Arshi Khan told a packed press conference in Mumbai yesterday that Radhe Maa’s business agent met her and offered her to join the sex racket.

She is not the only person, who has leveled charges of sexual misconduct against her.

In her complaint, TV actress Dolly Bindra has alleged that she used to be a follower of the godwoman who attended her prayer meetings, but found them to be “obscene”, adding that the godwoman would “force” Dolly to “get close” to her male devotees.

The Mumbai police registered a fresh FIR against self-styled god woman Radhe Maa and more than a dozen of her family members as well as associates, based on a complaint filed by TV actress Dolly Bindra.

“An offence under Section 294, Section 354, Section 506(2), Section 109, Section 120 B has been registered against Radhe Maa, Sanjiv Gupta, Talli Baba, Bhupendra and others based on TV actress Dolly Bindra’s complaint at the Borivali police station,” Additional Commissioner of Police (North Region) Fateh Singh Patil said.

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