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Radhe Maa using minor girls during Satsangs and Chowkis and for Domestic Work

Radhe Maa using minor girls during Satsangs and Chowkis and for Domestic Work, alleges Arshi Khan

IndiaNewsNetwork.IN Bureau | 16th Oct 2015: In what can be considered another major blow to Radhe Maa and her group, Arshi Khan has accused Radhe Maa and her associates of allegedly using minor girls as domestic help, maid servants and also for “massage” and sexual purposes.

According to Arshi Khan, the good looking girls are dressed up and used as dancers close to Radhe Maa during her chowkis and satsangs. Given the hype around her and the pompous show of wealth, many young girls from smaller towns used to flock to Radhe Maa’s chowkis in the hope that they could get some good and big career breaks. Radhe Maa and her associates had spread false claims that Radhe Maa had several film stars, film producers and film directors as her devotees and if she was pleased with a particular devotee, she could introduce her to the other celebrities who visited her. In this hope hundreds of young girls in the age group of 15 to 19 had joined Radhe Maa’s long list of devotees. These girls were made to work – sometimes as domestic maids catering to Radhe Maa’s cleaning, washing and even swabbing floors, Arshi Khan alleged.

“Another false misconception created in the minds of youngsters who attended her chowkis was that Radhe Maa was an incarnation or avatar or “roop” of Durga Maa and doing “seva” would get them blessings from heaven. Several small time TV stars would be invited and the bigger stars would be paid to attend these chowkis to show the others that Radhe Maa could do anything if she so wanted to and all the top stars were her devotees. Some good looking girls were convinced to offer physical services to the rich clients including businessmen and some of her close inner circle. The presence of young girls also attracted other rich businessmen and clients who would join the chowkis. This was a vicious circle which resulted in many young women joining Radhe Maa’s fan following,” Arshi Khan said.

When asked if she had any proof of these allegations, Arshi Khan explained saying, “Please look at any of Radhe Maa’s old videos. There are several young girls seen in the videos close to Radhe Maa, dancing and swaying to the Bollywood music playing in the background. Radhe Maa’s inner chambers were always decorated like a discotheque which used to further attract young girls. There was always Bollywood music playing at these places. Thus a complete set and ambiance was created to attract and retain young girls in a very professional, well-thought manner.

Speaking to IndiaNewsNetwork.IN, Arshi Khan said,  “I was one of the members of a panel on IBN7, along with Shri Ramesh Joshi and others. I was shocked when the anchor and panel moderator, informed me that the Borivali Police Station in an affidavit submitted to the Bombay High Court, stated that ‘an email was sent to me to attend the police station in the Radhe Maa case and I had refused to go to the police station’.

“This is completely false and incorrect and the Borivali Police have misled the Hon’able High Court. The facts are as follows: I had initially filed a complaint against some unknown persons for making threatening calls on my mobile. This was much before my written complaint against Radhe Maa and her group. The police sent me an email asking me to be present in the Police Station within 2 days. As I was travelling and also not keeping well at that time, my manager wrote back to the police stating that I will not be able to attend the police station within the two days, stipulated period, however, I would come after 3-4 days when I am back in Mumbai. After that, my manager called and visited the police station at least 4-6 times, but the concerned investigating officer was not available. We even wrote back via email to the police expressing my desire to attend the police station and informed them via telephone stating that I am willing to submit my ‘written statement”, but there was no reply after that,” Arshi Khan told IndiaNewsNetwork.IN.

“My manager also called the investigating officer (IO) on his mobile number a couple of times, but he did not pick up the call. Other officers whom we met, said the IO was busy with court appearances and was not available at the police station. Also, during the Ganpati period, the police were very busy and we did not want to bother them any further. However, to say that Arshi Khan refused to come to the police station is incorrect, false and misleading the court. It also means that the police just sent one email to call me and left it at that, merely to show the court that they are doing their duty. After this particular written complaint, I have submitted three more written complaints but there has not been a word from the cops,” alleged Arshi Khan.

“I do not know why the police have filed such a false and misleading report before the High Court. It seems to me that they are going all out,  trying to protect Radhe Maa and her associates in a very systematic way,” Arshi Khan alleged.

Arshi Khan provided IndiaNewsNetwork.IN images of her correspondence (and her manager) via email with the Borivali Police Station which is published below. It is very apparent from the email print screen images that Arshi Khan and the police were in correspondence with each other, but the meeting did not materialize for reasons as Arshi Khan as mentioned above. It is surprising that the police filed an affidavit stating that Arshi Khan refused to attend the police station. IndiaNewsNetwork.IN tried to contact police inspector Hindlekar of Borivali police station for his inputs and comments on Arshi Khan’s allegations, but he was not available at the police station when we called.

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